To educate dancers, performers, choreographers and educators with contemporary dance art methods. 




Yildiz Technical University, Faculty of Art and Design, Dance Program's educational approach, the powers of a student dancer, performer, choreographer and dance is intended as a training instructor. Courses, students in their perfected art of dance, perform original aims of individual studies in this area. Also music, video, composite art, develop an understanding of the multidisciplinary advantage of new media and formats, and provides the information about the theoretical work related to their field.


Courses, primarily students, capable of having a physical discipline and artistic practice toward the care are organized in accordance able to create their own individual style.


Students in vocational courses, transfer the body of the essential elements of contemporary dance technique, body spaces and to establish relationships over time, using different forms of energy in the body's movement possibilities of research and development skills gained.


-By physical and intellectual creativity reinforce the lessons students learn anatomy and somatic perceptions of, external-internal experiences to develop bodily awareness about and their individual movement ability by combining the skills gained from technical subjects to reveal, they are directed to develop original  styles of dance.


-By theoretical courses, they are informed about the various theoretical studies of contemporary dance art direct or indirect interests. Furthermore, the relationship between theory and I have to deal with the theoretical analysis are directed towards research and artistic acts.


Head of Program: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan TEMEL

e-mail: ttemel@yildiz.edu.tr

tlf: +90 212 383 5062