Head of Program: Lec. Ugur Gulbaharli

Duration of Education: 4 Years




- Compatible with YTU’s leading vision of science and art, to educate qualified and musicians and intellectuals.  



- To provide knowledge and skills related to music education and structural, aesthetic, social, historical and technological concepts of music arts to students.

- To develop education plans for understanding of contemporary technology with traditional methods

-Integrate researchers, creative, innovative, collaborative, ethical respecting the value of interdisciplinary work has assimilated the idea, carefully following developments in the area, composer, science of music by educating theoreticians and practitioners of music technology.

- To educate musician candidates by pioneering vision of a university of science and art pursuant to qualified educational methods and continuous improvement.  




To educate students that can/are:


- Gain professional experience in the education process.

- To have professional liability.

- Ethical and aesthetic values having to obtain a professional position.

- Develop appropriate professional strategies for social transformation.

- Recognize the value of identity and awareness of the importance of art to move.

- International Conference on the platform will be applicable to professional production.

- To have consciousness that can be produced together with the theory of art.

- To provide profile having academic abilities.