Program Coordinator: Asst.Prof.Dr. Ece Merve YÜCEER

Program Coordinator Assistant:

Duration of Education: 4 Years



 - Having continuous and renewable plans and courses.

-Enabling the permanent renewal agenda following the modern methods..

- Take active roles by arranging workshops that contribute to our faculty’s interdisciplinary missions.



-Being compatible with universal performance characteristics of university education with innovative, creative, critical, investigative, collaborative, ethical respect for values. 

-To educate students that open to interdisciplinary studies in the world same institution following the principles of organic musician candidates’ developments and raise educational planning.



- To ensure optimized education that increase students’ capability in terms of their technical and artistic knowledge.

- To provide live performances to students during their academic life for them to gain experience. 

- Instrument of virtuosity in accordance with the principles of pedagogical principles faculty members have the ability to be able to work with that can give provide.

- Different art experiences during their studies outside their branch and ensure that the relationship between them in this regarding branch.

- By homework and projects, students will increase their researching capability.